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Stimulation Equipment

CW manufactures a complete line of stimulation equipment that can meet a variety of requirements, from acidizing equipment to fracture pumps. Because of its exceptional customer service, CW particularly excels in this area of its product line, helping with the design of the equipment best suited for the client’s application, to the final commissioning in the oilfield. In-house engineering, software development and quality control teams allow CW control of product development, which results in the delivery of precisely the product designed for the customer.Fracturing Equipment

Fracturing Equipment

CW has designed a large variety of fracturing equipment that is specifically manufactured for each job. The equipment utilizes the latest in electronics and motor and pump technology to ensure that it is reliable and effective in placing treatments as designed.


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  Fracturing Equipment Fracturing Equipment Fracturing Equipment

Nitrogen Trucks

pict-nitrogen_1.jpgCW provides a fleet of nitrogen transport units specifically designed to support our various process, pipeline, and down-hole pumping operations. Each unit is designed with pressure build, or hydraulic pump off capabilities making them the perfect compliment to their nitrogen fleet. Each CW nitrogen pump is equipped with fully computerized control systems providing precise pumping operations with up to the second readouts on pressure, temperature, rate and product levels.